Scientific Advisors

Scientific Advisors are a group of eminent Cambridge scientists who support our mission. Advisors are involved in the decision making process of the initiatives driven by Gravity.

They are included in showcasing and networking events and help in keeping the Cambridge scientific ecosystem connected.

Prof. Tony Kouzarides
Director of Cambridge Gravity

Prof. Julie Ahringer
Gurdon Institute

Prof. Sir Shankar Balasubramanian
Department of Chemistry

Dr Sarah Bohndiek
Department of Physics

Prof. Gerard Evan
Head of Department
Department of Biochemistry

Prof. Rebecca Fitzgerald
Interim Director
MRC Cancer Unit

Prof. Sir Richard Friend
Department of Physics

Prof. Anne Ferguson-Smith
Head of Department
Department of Genetics

Prof. Richard Gilbertson
CRUK Cambridge Centre

Prof. Tony Green
Head of Department
Wellcome – MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Prof. Gillian Griffiths
Cambridge Institute for
Medical Research (CIMR)

Prof. Greg Hannon
CRUK Cambridge Institute

Prof. Steve Jackson
Gurdon Institute

Prof. Anna Philpott
Head of the School of Biological Sciences
Department of Oncology

Dr Karina Prasad
Head of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Prof. Ben Simons
Gurdon Institute

Prof. Geoff Smith
Head of Department
Department of Pathology

Prof. Ken Smith
Head of theCambridge Institute of
Therapeutic Immunology & Infectious Disease



Prof. Daniel St Johnston
Gurdon Institute