About Cambridge Gravity

Cambridge Gravity, founded in 2017 by Professor Tony Kouzarides, is a vehicle to support, develop and showcase the scientific community in Cambridge. It engages with the Cambridge scientific community to understand its needs, promote its vision and keep this community connected and
well functioning.


To carry out this mission Gravity currently engages in the following ways:

  • Supports an annual public lecture and awards a prize to an inspirational individual ‘who has contributed to society through the pursuit or promotion of science’. The lecture is, where possible, during the Cambridge Science Festival or the Festival of ideas.
  • Organises annual gatherings of the science community to better understand their needs, allow interchange of ideas and keep the ecosystem connected
  • Provides annual travel grants for PhD students
  • Collaborates with the University Development Office and Cambridge in America to organise bespoke events and dinners that showcase University research and aspirations.